Board of Directors/Committees

As a premier private lake community, SVILA has Board of Directors, elected by the membership, to manage and guide the development and operation of the community. The Board has created and uses a group of mostly volunteer committees to assist in these efforts. Most of the committees are 'standing' organizations, and are primarily focused on establishing standards, rules, best practices and soliciting & using the creative talents of our members for the betterment of all. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the committees and appointing a Chairperson for each. Once appointed, the Chair is then responsible for organizing and selecting members, setting priorities and outcomes, establishing any budgetary requirements, and providing regular reports to the Board and membership on their contributions and activities.

The links below contain information about the current, standing SVILA committees. All members of the Association are encouraged to consider a term working with one or more of these committees. The work is invaluable to our Association, and the experience gained for members is often-times a venue for making new friendships and gaining a better appreciation of the many contributions made to sustain the high standards of the Sun Valley development.