Lake Manager News

SVILA Members,

Thanks to those of you that could Zoom in for our January Board Meeting on 1/13/24. Attendance continues to grow using the Zoom format. Please join us in the future if you can. For those unable to join us, here are a few important updates you should be aware of: 

Litigation Update:
Preparations continue for trial re: our case #CVCV506844. With much work to be completed, SVILA filed a motion to extend the Expert Disclosure deadline. Accordingly, the defendant filed and was granted a motion to Continue to Trial. The established trial is to commence no later than October, 2024. You can find updated public information documents in the Member Resources portion of our website.

Fast Boat Area/West End Wake Zone Discussion - 2024 Plan
As a result of numerous inquiries, the following statement was read and discussed at the January meeting:

- The Board has recently received multiple inquiries from members of the association regarding the location of the no wake buoys on the west end of the lake. Because of these inquiries, the Board wanted to communicate to the members its current stance on this topic.

  • With concern of increased boat density on the lake and to take advantage of dredging that was recently completed, the Safe Boating and Roads Committee recently proposed to the Board for consideration, moving the buoys further west to expand the fast-boating area.
  • The Fishing Committee has also considered this proposal and opposes this recommendation for a variety of reasons they have articulated to the Board.
  • Certain members of the association have recently expressed a strong desire to not move the buoys for a variety of reasons.
- The Board appreciates the work and forward thinking of these two committees and always appreciates hearing from members. The Board also recognizes that changing the location of the no wake buoys on the west end of the lake is an important matter and that any decision on moving those buoys requires a more thorough understanding and analysis of all aspects of any proposal to move them including but not limited to the following:
  • Evaluating the impact the dredging project has had on our lake including our water quality and fishing habitat under normal lake level conditions
  • The need for increasing the fast-boating area
  • The use of this area by other boats for floating and fishing 
  • The fact the west end is very shallow, and narrow compared to the other fast boating areas

- The Board is not currently considering moving the buoys and has no plans to consider moving these buoys as proposed by the Safe Boating and Roads Committee for the 2024 lake season.
- Should the Board consider this matter in the future, there would be ample opportunity for the members to express their views on the matter prior to any decision being made.

Sheriff's Sale - Lot 786
The property owner of this lot didn't pay their annual dues for 2022-23 or 2023-24, and SVILA foreclosed on his lot.  It will be sold to the highest, qualified bidder on Thursday, 2/15/24 @ 10:30 AM at the Ringgold County Sheriff's Office located on the west end of Mt Ayr, on the south side of Highway 2.  Any additional information we obtain will be posted on the Sun Valley website, or you can contact Bill Wells at vicepresident@sunvalleylake.com. The lot is an off-water property, located adjacent to 300th Avenue in the Valley Retreat subdivision.

Upcoming Election - Board of Directors
In spite of the recent blizzard weather, Spring and April will arrive. April at SVILA always means Board Election time. Our Annual Meeting date and election day is Sunday, April 14th, 2024, at 2:00pm. This year only 1 Director seat is up for election. Bill Wells completes his first term on 3/31/24. Bill has announced his intention to run for a second term. As provided for in our By-Laws, nominations are now open. Nominations will close on 2/29/2024. Please contact SVILA staff if you are interested in running for this Director seat. The staff will send you nomination papers and instructions.

Road Conditions
Finally, after much work by volunteers, staff, contract help, and a break in the weather, our roads are returning to more normal winter driving conditions. With very minor exceptions, all roads have been cleaned/opened to two lane widths, and salt and sand have been applied to help reduce icing and slippery spots. Members should continue to operate with care on our roads, as some locations will remain challenging (usually shaded locations that thaw more slowly). Driveways in some areas will have very deep drifts, so be aware and prepared if/when you come to the lake to visit your property. 

Thanks for reading.

  • SVILA Staff Positions 2024 - Our growth and advancement as an organization and recreational lake has created additional demand for safety, maintenance and administrative staff. In 2024, we are looking for:
    • Part-time, seasonal Lake Patrol Staff (we will provide training)
    • Part-time Office/Administration help
    • Facilities/Grounds Maintenance Workers (we will provide training)
    • Experienced Managers (especially those who are willing to grow, learn and develop their skills in this environment)
  • If you're interested (or know someone who might be), please give us a call to discuss. We're looking for energetic and motivated individuals, and we're willing to discuss compensation rates and methods that enable us to hire and retain talented and professional workers.

 As we proceed through winter and spring, we hope to build an even stronger SVILA team to support our membership and the coming lake season!