Fishing Rules and Regulations

Sun Valley Lake Rules and Limits for Fishing - 2023

Catch Limits & Lengths (by Species) for Sun Valley Fishermen

  • WALLEYE - Daily limit is three (3) per person -- minimum length is 16.0 inches.
  • Largemouth Bass - No catch limit per person per day for fish under 14.0 inches. Bass >14 inches should be immediately returned to the lake.
  • Channel Catfish - Daily limit is three (3) per person -- no length limit.
  • Crappie - Daily Limit is fifteen (15) per person -- no length limit.
  • Bluegill - Daily Limit is twenty-five (25) per person -- no length limit.
  • Yellow Perch - Daily limit is (6) per person -- no length limit.
  • Muskies - Possession is prohibited. Immediate release is required.  Intentionally fishing for Muskies is prohibited from July 1st - August 31st.

Fishing Rules for SVL

  2. Remains of dressed fish shall never be disposed of in the lake.
  3. No one shall introduce or stock any fish into the lake without prior written approval of the Board of Directors and the Fish and Water Quality Committee.
  4. Only property owners and their children who have valid SVILA fishing rights, and their guest, have permission to fish the lake.  Either a property owner or their children must accompany all guests on the lake. Guest are allowed to remove fish from the lake, but the guests' fish are included in the property owner's or their children's limit for each species of fish caught.
  5. No one shall seine or net or trap fish from the lake for any purpose.
  6. Ice Fishing - All rules and limits apply.  All fish caught while ice fishing shall be immediately return to the lake unless you plan to dress them.  All property owners and their children who are ice fishing must be registered with the Association and must have on their person a current SVILA-issued fishing permit (with picture).  Ice shelters that are left on the ice unattended overnight shall be removed from the lake by February 28th or ice melt, whichever occurs first.
  7. No Fishing tournaments are allowed without prior written approval of the Board of Directors and the Fish and Water Quality Committee.
  8. No unattended fishing lines shall be used in the lake.  Unattended fishing lines are subject to confiscation by SVILA staff or Fishing and Water Quality Committee members.
  9. SVILA employees and Board approved representatives of the Association may, at any time, board and inspect a boat for suspected violations of the fishing rules and regulations and issuance of citations.  Failure or refusal to grant boarding and inspection will result in immediate loss of the owner's fishing privileges for up to one (1) year.
  10. Valid Persons includes the lot owner, the lot owner's spouse, and a lot owner's children. Valid Person does Not include guest, children's spouses, grandchildren, other family members or in-laws.